Reason To Wear Watch

1. To be Different

Basically, the only types of jewelry and accessories that men are able to show off are watches, and men love their watches. Yeah, there are hats, necklaces, and sometimes bracelets, but a watch is the only thing that is appropriate for all settings. The only way to separate us from other men in all settings is with a unique watch. I think it is obvious that a lot of men have very similar watch styles, so wear a unique watch that stands out from the rest.

2. Looking Classy, Formal, Professional, and Sharp
People often judge each other based on visual observations. Sure, it is not good to judge a book by a cover, and judgments can be inaccurate, but it’s human nature to judge. So, look the way that you want to be perceived. Wearing a watch is a way that men express their personality, worth, value, and style. Want to look serious, formal, and professional? Then wear a watch that shows it.

3. The Art of Timekeeping
Humans have been keeping time, well, basically, since the beginning of time… This consistent factor in our lives is always being admired in artistic ways. Sure, everybody could survive by just using a boring, digital, plain clock, but that is clearly not the case of what is happening. We keep track of time every single day and our lives are controlled by it. Whether it be when to wake up, when to go to a meeting, or how long until class is out, the list is infinite. This object that we use every day is often designed in an attractive, eye catching way. Watch design is an extremely artistic process that creates the tools we use every day. With art comes beauty, and with an attractive wristwatch you can take that beauty with you.

4. Memories
With all of my watches, I have distinct memories of the places and experiences I had while wearing it. You will remember compliments at dinner, checking time while on vacation, timing a race, or counting down the minutes that go by in a waiting room. My first watch that I really loved was destroyed when I totaled my motorcycle. The watch crystal shattered on impact and it stopped the analog hands in their place at the time of the crash. I will now always remember that life-changing event on that Saturday evening at 7:05:19. Although the watch doesn’t function, it still holds value to me.

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